Waking up

So, the day of the pilgrimage arrives and I have just been saying Morning Prayer, the first thing of the day. I’m always amazed by how the scriptures and the psalmody speak into the day ahead. It was one of the psalms this morning that struck me:

When my spirit faints within me, you know my path.
Psalm 142 v 3

The Jewish people were always conscious of the journey as a motif for their living. It’s understandable, the exodus and the journey through the wilderness for those forty years, was critical in their self understanding. So the psalms and the scriptures constantly return to the theme of journey. And it is at the heart of the understanding of the path we tread in life. As I think about that and the journey we begin today my prayer is

On the journey I make through life, keep me on the right path, Lord. Amen.

That is my constant prayer but especially as we set out on the Camino. And now to the other tasks I must do before I can leave for the airport.