Day four begins

Rather than a clear blue sky the bedroom window looking out over Pamplona reveals some heavy blue cloud over the mountains. Perhaps it will rain today. We are in the mountains after all and that can only be expected. But whatever the weather, it looks as though it will be another good day on the Way.

When we have had our breakfast, checked the bags on to the coach, paid bar bills and got off, we will be heading first for the funerary church at Eunate. Our Guide tells us that, as it is Monday and this is technically a museum, we won’t be able to go in. But, she says, it is beautiful from the outiside.

Then we continue to Puente de la Reina (the Queen’s Bridge) where the different routes from parts of Europe to Santiago converge into one. That makes it a really important place on the Camino, a meeting point for pilgrims from all over. We will then join them on the Way as we walk from there to Cirauqui (about 8 kms).

After some lunch we drive on to Santo Domingo de la Calzada, one of the most evocative towns on the Pilgrim Way and from there continue to Burgos where we will stay overnight. So it is a packed programme that we face.

The part I am really looking forward to is Puente de la Reina and the convergence of the various routes into one road. All those pilgrims from so many places travelling the one road! It feels like a model for, not just Christian life, but for life, all of us finding the one road that we can travel together, whoever we are, wherever we are from.

This will be our prayer as we say Morning Prayer together on the coach.

May all who come to Santiago de Compostella,
following in the footsteps of Christian pilgrims
from many different times and places,
be renewed in the faith which comes to us from the apostles,
in union with the whole church
may we with them commit ourselves generously
to follow Jesus Christ,
who alone is the way, the truth and the life.

Buen Camino, wherever you are travelling today.