Day ten begins

Santiago de Compostela is a lovely city at any time, but in today’s sunshine and against a clear blue sky, it is glorious. I’m glad that it is a beautiful day as we set off on our journey home. The pilgrimage has been wonderful and we leave still wanting more.

Glorious Santiago de Compostela

Glorious Santiago de Compostela

So after a morning at leisure in the city, dropping into worship in the churches, enjoying the atmosphere, we will leave the hotel at noon and make our way to La Coruna from where we fly to London Heathrow.

I began these blogs by saying I had to pack. I have come full circle – I need to pack – and of course, I brought too much for the journey. But what a journey it has been!

St James,
for this pilgrimage we needed
your zeal and courage.
Continue to teach us, apostle and friend of Our Lord,
the WAY which leads to him.
Open to us, preacher of the Word,
the TRUTH your learned from the Master’s lips.
Give to us, witness of the Gospel,
the strength always to love the LIFE
which Jesus gives,
as in his name we pray.