This is the blog for the Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage from Southwark Cathedral in 2013. I’m Andrew Nunn, the Dean of Southwark and leader of the pilgrimage. I’m accompanied by 44 other people of all ages and backgrounds. We will journey from Bilbao to Santiago in faith, hope and love and supported by the prayers of the people of the Cathedral. I will also be tweeting using the hash tag #southwarkcamino from my Twitter account @deansouthwark.

Southwark Cathedral is located next to London Bridge in central London. It was a convent when it was founded in 606, became an Augustinian Priory in 1106, a Parish Church at the Reformation and the Cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Southwark in 1905. Today the Cathedral is in one of the most vibrant parts of London, surrounded by the glass and steel of regeneration but with its foundations firmly set in the historic and eternal values to which successive generations of worshippers have witnessed. We are ancient and modern, welcoming and inclusive and committed to mission in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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